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EmVest is a diversified, agricultural investment company for institutional investors operating in Sub Sahara Africa. Key to its success is its unique, African-grown ability of being flexible, innovative and resourceful.

EmVest is a ‘learning organisation’ to its core. Driven by a scientific approach, it invests in scouring the globe for new technology and unconventional ideas to enable it to work smarter. EmVest embraces innovative techniques to revolutionise traditional farming processes and adapt them to best effect in the African context. Its energy is contagious and valued by clients.

EmVest is driven by 5 goals:

  • To be positioned to provide food security to communities, regions and countries, in a world where food shortages are looming;
  • To be a practitioner of vertical integration for the purpose of enhancing investment returns and diversifying risk;
  • To create opportunity for international investors to diversify into Africa and simultaneously, achieve superior investment returns;
  • To build a vehicle for effective, socially responsible investment in sub-Saharan Africa;
  • To deliver all goals in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner.

EmVest regards itself as the pioneer in transforming, unitising and promoting this new asset class, namely Southern Africa agriculture.

EmVest currently operates agricultural assets in 3 countries, spanding over 5 regions which contributes to the employment of over 250 employees.

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